The love story of Radha and Krishna is known as one of the greatest among all the love stories in the world. So much so that Radha’s name is taken before Lord Krishna to symbolize the eternal love and devotion of Radha towards Lord Krishna. Thus, we hear the name Radhe Krishna, which stands for Radha’s Krishna. When we hear the name Radhe Krishna in the folk songs devoted to Lord Krishna. The name Radhe Krishna comes across as one entity. It is believed that when Lord Vishnu took birth on earth as Lord Krishna, Goddess Lakshmi took birth on earth as Radha to stay close to Lord Vishnu. 

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It is a well-known fact that Lord Krishna loved only two things the most, first was his flute, and the second was Radha. According to the Hindu scriptures, it is believed that the music from Lord Krishna’s flute brought Radha closer to Lord Krishna. Thus, Lord Krishna kept the flute with him at all times. Lord Krishna roamed around Vrindavan like one soul, and it was the music from Lord Krishna’s flute that kept their soul connected. During his stay in Vrindavan, Lord Krishna saved the village from many demons and won the hearts of all the villagers. Everybody in Vrindavan, also known as Gokul, just loved Lord Krishna and wanted him to stay with them in Vrindavan. 

Lord Krishna also loved everyone in Vrindavan equally but could not stay in Gokul for long as he had taken birth on earth for the establishment of Righteousness. Radha was heartbroken when she learned that Lord Krishna was about to leave Vrindavan, but she did not let her emotions take control over her, as she was well aware of the fact that Lord Krishna was a divine being and was on earth to serve a higher purpose.  

While Lord Krishna was leaving Vrindavan, he promised everyone that he would return soon, but he knew within his heart that his divine duties would never allow him to return, as Goukul was where his worldly attachments belonged, i.e., Radha and his mother, Yashoda. 

After Lord Krishna left Vrindavan, Radha got married, and her life continued as normal. Radha perfectly fulfilled her responsibilities as a wife, but she could never keep her thoughts separate from Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna also fulfilled his divine purpose by killing Kans and other demons. Lord Krishna went on to become the King of Dwaraka. Lord Krishna also got married to Rukmani. According to Hindu scriptures, Rukmani had waited for Lord Krishna for several years and even revolted against her brother to get married to Lord Krishna. 

Years had passed, and Radha waited for Lord Krishna to return to Gokul, as she wanted to meet Lord Krishna one more time before she died. It is believed that during her old age, Radha had begun to stay away from everybody and just waited for Lord Krishna to return to Vrindavan. When Radha realized that Lord Krishna might never return to Gokul, she decided to visit Dwarka and meet Lord Krishna for the last time. Upon reaching Dwarka, Radha learned about Lord Krishna’s marriage with Rukmani. Radha reached the palace and asked to meet Lord Krishna. Nobody in Dwaraka knew about Radha. 

Lord Krishna was very happy to meet Radha, and they both spoke for hours. Radha even requested Lord Krishna to appoint her as a maid in the palace, so she could stay closer to him. Radha did not want anyone in Dwaraka to know her identity. Radha would stay at the castle as a maid and would meet Lord Krishna whenever she got a chance. After some time, Radha realized that she was more spiritually connected to Lord Krishna while they stayed separated. Thus, Radha decided to leave the palace without informing anyone. Radha did not inform Lord Krishna also about where and why she was leaving. 

Upon realizing that Radha had left the palace, Lord Krishna used his vision to find out about Radha. 

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Lord Krishna appeared in front of Radha and asked to ask for anything. Radha told Lord Krshna that she would like to listen to Lord Krishna playing his flute. Lord Krishna began playing his flute, and Radha closed her eyes and submerged herself completely into the music from Lord Krishna’s flute. 

It is believed that Lord Krishna played his flute continuously for days on end, and Radha left her physical body while listening to the music from LordKrishna’s flute. Upon realizing that Radha had passed away, Lord Krishna broke his flute as a symbolic end of their love and friendship. Lord Krishna never played a musical instrument after that incident.