As we all are aware of the fact that death is a reality for all those who have taken birth on earth. Thus, the earth is also referred to as Mrityu Loka in the Hindu Puranas. Lord Ram was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself. Lord Vishnu had taken birth on the earth as Lord Ram, to kill the evil Ravan and to restore righteousness. Lord Ram was born as a human and had to experience death, as this was nature’s rule. However, the story related to the demise of Lord Ram is probably among the most interesting stories related to the life of Lord Ram. 

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One day a sage or rishi reaches Lord Ram’s court and requests for his attention. The sage tells Lord Ram that he needs to tell him something extremely confidential and informs Lord Ram that no one is supposed to overhear this conversation. If someone manages to listen to the conversation, Lord Ram has to kill that particular person. Lord Ram agreed and asked all his courtiers to wait outside the court. Lord Ram asked Lakshman to guard the court and prevent any unauthorized entry until the sage’s conversation had concluded. 

After everyone had exited the court, the sage informs Lord Ram that he was Kaal or Time in disguise and that he was sent by Lord Brahma to inform Lord Ram that his time on the earth was coming to an end. Just as Lord Ram and Kaal’s conversation was taking place, Sage Durvasa enters the court and wishes to meet Lord Ram. Lakshman was confused as he was well aware of Sage Durvasa’s short-tempered nature.  Lakshman informs Sage Durvasa that Lord Ram would not be able to meet him and that he would have to wait for some time. After hearing this, Sage Durvasa asks Lakshman to inform Lord Ram about his arrival, or he would curse all his brothers. Upon hearing this, Lakshman concludes that it would be better if he entered the court to inform Sage Durvasa’s arrival. As Lakshman was entering the court, he realized that it was nature’s way of telling him that his death was near. Lakshman informed Lord Ram that Sage Durvasa was waiting outside the court.  Post which Kaal or Time, present in the court disguised as a sage, left. Lord Ram understood that, as per Kaal’s promise, he would have to kill Lakshman. Lakshman understood what Lord Ram was thinking and left the court. Lakshman then traveled towards the Saryu river bank and started meditating and attained Samadhi, i.e., consciously left his body. 

Lord Ram was extremely heartbroken after hearing about Lakshman’s demise and started to think about Kaal or Time’s conversation. After realizing that it was time for him to leave the earth and return to Vaikuntha, Lord Ram requests Lord Yamma, the god of death, to come for his soul. Lord Yamma could not enter Ayodhya and perform his duty as he was afraid to confront Lord Hanuman; since Lord Ram was protected by Lord Hanuman. Lord Ram understood that Lord Yamma would not be able to enter Ayodhya if Lord Hanuman was around. 

Thus, Lord Ram decided to meet Lord Hanuman. Lord Ram removed his ring and dropped it consciously into a small crack on the floor. Upon Lord Hanuman’s arrival, Lord Ram requested Lord Hanuman to recover the ring, as the crack was too small for anyone to retrieve the ring. Lord Hanuman immediately shrank himself down to the size of an insect and entered the crack on the floor. After entering the crack, Lord Hanuman realized that this was no ordinary crack but a tunnel. Lord Hanuman kept advancing into the tunnel, determined to retrieve Lord Ram’s ring. 

Upon reaching a certain distance into the tunnel, Lord Hanuman realized that the tunnel was, in fact, a passage into the Naag Lok, the land of serpents. After reaching the Naag Lok, Lord Hanuman meets Vasuki, the king of serpents, and explains the situation. Vasuki then took Lord Hanuman towards the center of the Naag Lok and pointed towards a heap of rings and informed Lord Hanuman that he should be able to find Lord Ram’s ring in that particular heap of rings. Lord Hanuman assumed that it would be difficult to retrieve Lord Ram’s ring as there would be thousands of rings on that pile of rings, but Lord Hanuman could not believe his luck as he saw Lord Ram’s ring lying right on top of the heap of rings. Lord Hanuman picked up the ring and examined it to make sure that it was the right ring. Just then, Lord Hanuman’s eyes fell on the second ring on the pile of rings, which also appeared to be Lord Rama’s ring. In fact, to Lord Hanuman’s surprise, every ring on that pile of rings looked identical. This confused Lord Hanuman as he could not understand what was happening. 

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Vasuki begins explaining to Lord Hanuman as to what was happening. Vasuki explains to Lord Hanuman that the world we live; is a cycle of life and death. One who takes birth on the earth will experience death. Each cycle of life and death is called Kalpa, and each Kalpa has four Yugas. In the Treta Yuga, Lord Rama would take birth on the earth, and after several years a monkey would come through the tunnel into the realm of serpents searching for Lord Ram’s ring. While the monkey looks for Lord’s Ram’s ring in the Nag Lok, Lord Ram would have discarded his physical body and transcended into the highest state of consciousness. Vasuki continues that this has been happening for hundreds and thousands of years now, and all the rings on that heap; belongs to Lord Ram himself. The heap of rings would keep growing in the future, and this cycle shall continue for eternity. 

Lord Hanuman understood the meaning behind Vasuki’s words and realized that Lord Ram’s ring falling into the crack was not an accident, it was Lord Ram who dropped the ring into the crack, to explain the concept of parallel universe.