The Parwan tunnel is the longest water tunnel in India. The construction of the tunnel is expected to be complete by January 2021. The Parwan tunnel is being constructed to facilitate water transport from the Parwan dam more efficiently to nearby locations.

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The Parwan dam is currently being constructed on the Parwan river. The Parwan dam would provide clean drinking water to nearly 820 villages situated around Baran, Jhalawar, and Kota. The water from the dam will also be used for irrigation for over a lakh hectare of agricultural land. 

The construction of the Parwan dam was supposed to begin in the year 2013, but the Parwan dam project got embroiled in several controversies such as displacement of tribals, adverse effects on the forest areas. The Parwan dam project was even accused by many stating that the dam’s sole purpose in the region is to benefit the two thermal power projects.

The government started the construction of the Parwan dam in the year 2017.  

The Parwan dam is an anti-gravity damn with a capacity of 400 million cubic meters. Upon completion, the Parwan dam would fulfill the irrigational requirements of nearly 1,31,400 hectares of landmass spread across 314 villages. 

However, the hill spread of 10 km acts as a major obstruction for water transportation from the dam to the villages. Thus, the Parwan tunnel was conceptualized. The Parwan tunnel is being constructed through the 10 km hilly tract, making the tunnel an engineering marvel. The total length of the tunnel would be  8.75 km. 

The Parwan tunnel is being constructed using the boring method since the region is packed with quartzite sandstones. Thus, the drilling method could not be adopted. The Parwan tunnel would be constructed in an estimated amount of 300 crores. 

The construction of the tunnel would hugely benefit the Hadouti belt farmers since they would be able to cultivate Rabi crops in full capacity. 

A portion of water from the dam would also be utilized for wildlife since Shergarh wildlife sanctuary and Jawahar Sagar wildlife sanctuary falls in the same region. 

The Government of Rajasthan has requested the Central Government to declare the project as a national project to secure more funds and also to fast pace the project completion.