Motera cricket stadium, also known as Sardar Patel stadium, is the world’s biggest cricket stadium. The Motera cricket stadium dethroned the Melbourne cricket stadium to become the world’s biggest cricket stadium. The Motera cricket stadium is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

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Gujarat Cricket Association constructed the Motera cricket stadium after demolishing an already existing cricket stadium. The old stadium was built in the year 1982. The old stadium was demolished in the year 2015. 

Motera cricket stadium is spread across 64 acres of land space. The Motera cricket stadium can also be considered as the world’s second-largest sports stadium. The sitting capacity of the Motera cricket stadium is 1.10 lakhs spectators. The stadium has 76 air-conditioned corporate boxes or VIP cabins. Motera cricket stadium will also include an Olympics size swimming pool and four dressing rooms. 

The stadium has a unique design compared to other cricket stadiums in the world. The Motera cricket stadium uses LED lights instead of the traditional floodlights to illuminate the stadium. The LED lights are installed on the rooftop of the stadium for more aesthetic lighting. 

The Motera cricket stadium has been designed using the audience viewing experience in mind. The stadium has no pillers that would obstruct the audience’s sight from anywhere in the stadium. The stadium is also equipped with sound systems for a better cricket experience. 

Motera cricket stadium is designed in such a way that even after heavy rain, the cricket match would be able to resume in just under 20 minutes. The stadium’s rooftop has been constructed using fore proof material, and special attention has been given to the emergency exists in the stadium. 

The Motera cricket stadium can be considered as an engineering marvel, and the stadium was constructed in an estimated amount of 800 crores. The Government of Gujarat would be constructing a skywalk directly from the metro station to the stadium for the smooth flow of the crowd. Gujarat Cricket Association owns the Motera cricket stadium.